Project Dashboard

Learn about the features available for managing projects with the Project Dashboard on dAppling.

Each dAppling project has its dedicated dashboard for configuring settings, viewing deployments, and more.

Here's a high-level overview of the dashboard's functionality, with links to more detailed resources.

Project Details

The Project Overview tab provides an overview of your production deployment, including its deployments, domains, status, and more.


The project dashboard allows you to manage all your current and previous deployments associated with your project. To handle a deployment, select the project in the dashboard and click on the Deployments tab in the top navigation.


Each project has the ability for custom DNS or ENS domains.

Lean more in our Domains docs.


Each project has the option to have privacy preserving analytics that collects page views and referral sources.

Learn more in our dAppling Analytics docs.


The Settings tab enables you to configure your project. You can modify the project's name, specify its root directory, configure environment variables, and more directly within the dashboard.

Learn more in our project settings docs.

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