Import an existing project

Your existing project can be any web project that generates static HTML content, like a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When you choose one of our supported frameworks, we'll automatically detect and configure the best build and deployment settings for your chosen framework.

1. Connect your Git provider

On the New Project page, click on the Connect Repo button.

Follow the prompts to sign in to your GitHub

2. Import your repository

Find the repository in the list that you would like to import and click Select.

3. Optionally, configure any settings

dAppling will automatically detect the framework and any required build settings. You can also configure the project settings at this stage, which includes build and output settings as well as environment variables. You can also set these configurations at a later time.

  • To update the framework, build command, install command, or output directory edit as needed.

  • To set environment variables, expand the Environment Variables section and either paste or copy them in. (coming soon)

4. Deploy your project

Click the Deploy button, and dAppling will create the Project and initiate the deployment process according to your selected configurations.

5. Share Project

To access your deployment, navigate to the dashboard, choose the Project, and then select the Production Domain. The page is now accessible to anyone with the URL.

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