Collaboration plays a crucial role in successful development projects, and dAppling provides powerful features to enhance collaboration among developers. dAppling empowers your team to work together seamlessly.

Make Changes

Now that your project is publicly available on your chosen domain, it's time to make changes. With dAppling's automatic deployments, this requires no extra effort. By default, when your dAppling project is connected to a Git repository, it will deploy every commit pushed to the repository, regardless of the branch.

Here's a helpful tip:

  • A Production environment is built from the main or development branch of your Git repository.

  • A Preview environment is created when you deploy from any other branch.

  • dAppling provides a URL reflecting the latest commits on that branch, accessible on your dashboard or in a pull request, as you'll see in the next step.

This connection was automatically established for you, so simply push your commits, and you'll start receiving links to deployments right in GitHub.

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