A dAppling Deployment is the result of a successful build of your Project.
When you create a deployment, dAppling automatically generates a new and unique URL. You can visit this URL to preview your changes in a live environment.
You can deploy your projects to dAppling using Github.


The most common way to create a Deployment on dAppling is through pushing code to Git repositories.
Creating an automatic Deployment starts by importing a Git repository on dAppling. This repository can be either private or public. To set up a Git repository, click the New Project button from the dAppling dashboard.
Deploying your application using dAppling's Git integration provides you with the following benefits:
  • Streamlined collaboration through pull requests or merge requests.
  • The ability to test new features and changes using Preview Deployments before merging them into the main branch to automatically create a Production Deployment.
For further details, explore our Deploying a Git repository guide.
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