Ethereum Name Service

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Integration

In addition to traditional domain management features, dAppling supports integration with Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a critical service for those working in the decentralized web space. ENS offers human-readable addresses in place of long, complex Ethereum addresses or IPFS CIDs.

Understanding ENS in Domain Management

ENS functions like a decentralized DNS, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Instead of relying on centralized domain registrars, you can register .eth domains that are fully under your control as long as you hold the corresponding Ethereum private keys. This functionality brings another layer of decentralization and control to domain management.

Importance of ENS in a Decentralized Environment

For platforms like dAppling that operate on IPFS and prioritize decentralized protocols, ENS serves as a bridge between the traditional web and the decentralized web. It simplifies user access points by allowing for human-readable domain names, making it easier for users to interact with dApps or access content stored on IPFS.

Key Features of ENS in Domain Management

  1. ENS Registration: Just like you'd register a .com or .org domain, you can register a .eth domain via Ethereum transactions.

  2. ENS Renewal: ENS domains also have a renewal cycle, usually paid in ETH or any supported ERC-20 token.

  3. ENS Resolvers: These are smart contracts that resolve ENS names to various resources, such as Ethereum addresses or IPFS CIDs.

  4. ENS and Subdomains: You can also create subdomains under your main .eth domain. This can be incredibly useful for categorizing content or dApps.

  5. Interoperability: One of the most powerful features is the ability to link ENS domains to traditional DNS domains, offering seamless interaction between the centralized and decentralized webs.

ENS and Domain Security

ENS domains come with blockchain-level security, meaning the security of your domain is as robust as the Ethereum network itself. You can also add extra layers of protection like setting up admin and resolver roles for enhanced control.


Domain management is crucial for creating easy-to-access points in both the traditional and decentralized web. dAppling takes it a notch higher by offering not just classic domain management features but also seamless ENS integration. With this approach, transitioning from conventional protocols like HTTP to decentralized ones like IPFS becomes more fluid and user-friendly.

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